Visual Arts and Art History

year1 first semester

Main topic :

Linguistic aim :

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Art Nouveau

writing skills, translation,grammar and specific vocabulary


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Class documents :

The texts studied in class
Vocabulary and comprehension
Grammar lessons
Grammar exercises
Phonetics : word stress
Class discussions :

  1. The sources of Art Nouveau (based on The growth of Art Nouveau)
    Pictures and videos + Vocabulary exercise
  2. Functionality and fantasy (based on Architecture) Pictures
    Steinhof Church Vocabulary exercise
  3. The unity of style (based on Furniture) Pictures
  4. Eroticism (based on Posters and illustration) Pictures
  5. Technological progress (based on Glass and Ceramics). Pictures
  6. Art and financial value (based on Jewellery) Pictures of Lalique jewels
  7. Handicrafts versus industrial production (based on Metalwork)
  8. Conclusion (based on Sculpture)
    A video with Loie Fuller dancing.
Pronunciation and word stress

Loads of web sites about Art Nouveau. This is my selection :

  • My favourite site : kubos.org/AN/en
  • a short but acurate introduction to Art Nouveau : artchive.com
  • A glossary of artistic terms : artlex.com
  • An exceptional art site : artmagick.com
  • William Morris
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Musics from the Art Nouveau period :
    * an extract from Arcadians, a comic opera composed in 1909 by Lionel Monckton.
    * a Karaoke video playing "While Strolling Through the Park", a song by Ed Haley (1862–1932), published in 1884.
  • Watch the embedded video below about the "Allure of Art Nouveau".