English language studies
Performing Arts, first year, second semester.

The Night of the Hunter.

The aim of this language course is to develop your English language skills related with films.

You should :

1. Read the document
2. Watch the corresponding film sequence
3. Read the corresponding commentary
4. Do the exercices related to the document.

The vocabulary list must be known by heart.


Documents handed in class

Watch the full film Commentaries

Doc 1 (exercices)

extract n1 : play up to 5 minutes

The Night of the Hunter, an atypical film noir.
Doc 2

extract n2 : play from 5:00 to 12:10
Doc 3 (exercices)

extract n3 : play from 18:30 to 23:00
Rural America in The Night of the Hunter.
Doc 4

extract n4 : play between 38:00 and 54:00
Expressionism in The Night of the Hunter.
Doc 5

extract n5 : play between 55:00 and 1:08:20
Enchantment and fantasy in The Night of the Hunter.
Doc 6

extract n6 : place cursor at 1:17:30 and play to the end of the film

Grammar :