LES DETERMINANTS : exemples d'emploi, commentaires, traductions et exercices

A. L'article indéfini : a / an

1 Rebel without a cause.

2 As an amateur.

3 What an unusual story !

4 Such a useful story !

5 He is a university teacher.

6 She sees him twice a week.

7 This costs her $50 a lesson.

8 Ø information > a piece of information.

C. La quantité indéterminée : SOME / ANY / NO

9 There is some butter / there are some oranges.

10 Do you want some butter / some oranges ?

11 Have you got any butter ? / any oranges ?

12 There is not any butter / There are not any oranges.

13 There is no butter / There are no oranges.

14 Any butter / Any oranges will do.

Remarque : some information (voir liste des indénombrables).

B. L'article Ø (zéro)

15 Ø Salt is necessary for your body.

16 I hate Ø red.

17 Ø Tigers must be protected.

18 I saw Ø tigers two days ago.

19 Ø France is a beautiful country.

20 Ø Queen Elizabeth, Ø President Chirac.

D. L'article défini : THE

21 Can you pass me the salt, please ?

22 I like the red of your shirt .

23 I saw Ø tigers two days ago. And I was

terrified when the tigers came close to me.

24 the United States, the Netherlands.

25 the queen of England, the president of France.

26 I play Ø tennis, she plays the violin.

LES QUANTIFIEURS : exemples d'emploi, commentaires, traductions et exercices

E. La quantité importante : MUCH / MANY

27 There is much butter.

28 There are many eggs.

29 I need a lot of butter / eggs.

lots of butter / eggs.

a great deal of butter / eggs.

loads of butter / eggs.

F. La quantité réduite : LITTLE / FEW

30 There is little butter.

31 There are few eggs.

32 There is a little butter left.

33 There are a few eggs left.

G. La quantité comparée : MORE / LESS / FEWER

34 There is (much) more butter than yesterday.

35 There are (many) more eggs than yesterday.

36 There is less butter than yesterday.

37 There are fewer eggs than yesterday.

38 There is twice as much butter as yesterday.

39 There is half as much butter as yesterday.

40 There're twice / half as many eggs as before.

H. Autres déterminants.

41 Each player / each of them.

42 Every day / Every information.

43 All his money / All the boys.

45 Both players / Both of them.

47 I can take either books / either of them.

48 I took neither books / neither of them.

49 None of the books / none of them.

50 Have you got enough tea and biscuits ?


Dénombrable Indénombrable Traduction
a / an ( + sing)   Un, une
Some (+ pluriel) Some Du, de la, des
Any ( + pluriel) Any Du, de la, des
Any (affirmative) Any (affirmative) (affirmative) n'importe quel
Many / a lot of Much / a lot of Beaucoup de
Few Little Peu de
Fewer Less Moins de
Each   Chacun des / chaque
Every Chaque / tous les
All Tous les
Both   Les deux (ensemble)
Either   L'un ou l'autre
Neither   Ni l'un ni l'autre
None   Aucun
Enough Assez de

More detailled information about quantifiers : click here.